“Unashamed” – A Proposed Feminist Health Clinic

No one really wants to talk about menstruation. “Bertha.” “The Curse.” “On the rag.” “Surfing the Crimson Wave.” A million other words and phrases have been employed when verbalizing experiences associated with a woman’s period.

Unfortunately, all of this side-stepping leads to negative social stigma and shame. Somehow the woman, and not the period, becomes a burden on society. Think about it: when was the last time you saw a fully functioning tampon/maxi-pad machine in a public restroom? Or even in a women’s restroom? How many times have you heard the ridiculous excuse for why we haven’t had a woman president be “once every month we would bomb a country”?

We wanted to work towards changing this negative association. We (“we” meaning myself and two of my Honors 201 Classmates – Catie Watson and Eduardo Galarza) devised a proposal for a feminist health clinic which focuses on the early stages of menstruation, concentrating on education, awareness, advocacy and outreach. Below is our proposal video for this clinic. Enjoy!


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