About (Me)

Things My Mother Naught Me is a blog dedicated to exploring the epistemologies of women.

About Me:

My name is Elizabeth Swearingen and I am an upper junior at Hunter College majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in gender studies. Before attending Hunter College, I graduated from Circle in the Square Theatre School with a concentration in Musical Theatre. I am currently an actor, playwright and student working in New York City.

Things My Mother Naught Me has been created to serve as a part of my honors class, Feminism, New Media and Health at Hunter College. This blog is about exploration and discovery. As my curiosity and knowledge grows throughout this Fall semester, so will yours. One of the most pertinent lessons I have learned through my education in gender studies, is to honor the importance of epistemology. One must always question the source and proceed with awareness. Thus the nature of my title.So take with you the awareness that I am a white (somewhat) middle-class American woman in her 20s from Southern Colorado, an artist, a writer, the daughter of a family with a strong Naval Military history, with a mother who didn’t graduate from college and was married at 20, whose parents are still together after 40 years, who was raised Catholic, has a Jewish boyfriend, a Southern Baptist best friend, and is the youngest of three children.

This blog is focused on exploring various influences affecting  women in our American society. Whether the subject be political, social, or pop cultural Things My Mother Naught Me aims to investigate the underbelly of feminist theory.


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